About Chaplain Dale

Who is Chaplain Dale?

Dale is a specialist in telling a couple’s story of love as he conducts their wedding ceremony.

He’s ordained the real way (no downloaded “credentials”).  Chaplain Dale earned his graduate degrees.  The former head chaplain for the King County Sheriff in Seattle, Dale’s been vetted, tested, awarded and reviewed.  He’ll work with you to learn your story and your personality, then coordinate with you and your planner to craft a ceremony that celebrates you in a way that is uplifting, lighthearted, comfortable and expertly done.

Chaplain Dale brings a fresh mix of the traditional with an out-of-the-box positivity.  He’ll provide you with his ceremony planning booklet so you can design what fits best.  And no, he doesn’t just read the ceremony; he delivers it with humor and passion.

His interests include vintage British motorcycles, Alaska aviation history, road trips and funnel cakes. Dale knows the words to every Neil Diamond song, visited the grave of Elvis, loves classic rock and roll and is an ardent fan of Paul Revere’s Raiders.  His favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Blues Brothers and Strange Brew.

Dale is a Seattle native, is seminary trained, says “Merry Christmas”, stands for the Anthem, eats Chick-fil-A, shops at Hobby Lobby and loves our military, law enforcement and fire/EMS.

And he’s a fan of meaningful, positive and uplifting weddings.


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