Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is your ceremony?

Your ceremony will likely be 15-18 minutes once the processional stops and your wedding party in place at the front.

What about the marriage license?

You are responsible to purchase the marriage license.  You’ll get it from any county auditor’s office in the state; it is valid anywhere in the state.  You need to purchase the license at least three days before the wedding, but no earlier than sixty days.  After we sign, Chaplain Dale will file the completed certificate with the issuing county and pay for the county to send, directly to you, two certified copies.

Do you perform elopements?

Yes, on an as-available basis.  Please call or write for details.

Does our ceremony have to be religious?

In a word, no.  My ceremonies typically do not resemble church.  It will not come across as a religious event so much as a celebration of you two.

However, please know that the reason I conduct weddings is as an extension of my calling as a minister.  I’m not preachy (my only sermon to you is, “Love each other to death”).  I am a Christian believer who is convinced that God loves people and marriage.  What I do, I hope, is simply an extension of that.  I won’t try to persuade you to believe like me, but please respect this is who I am.

My style comes across as natural.  Natural — for me — includes seamlessly yet sparingly including God in the ceremony.  This most often is in the form of a blessing.  I’ll do this being respectful of you and your audience.  However, if this subtle approach is uncomfortable for you, I understand.  I’ll be happy to refer you to another officiant who may be a better fit.